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We get dirty, how about you?


Very absorbent and not to thick so they dry quickly. They wash well and stay soft compared to other microfiber cloths I've had which become stiff and lose their absorbency over time.

Amazon Customer
May, 2018

I use it on swifter and mop the floor instead of their disposable mopping sheets. It's a lot more durable and absorbs so much dirt! I like to use natural Castile liquid soap but I imagine you can use it with anything. I also like those Shaxon Ultra sheets to clean windows, AC coil, and anything I can think of. So gentle on the surface but hard on dirt!!! Also, the dirt comes off very easily after washing compared to regular towels.

Amazon Customer
August, 2016

Exactly what we wanted The cloth was exactly what we needed for cleaning our computer monitor screens. We will buy them again.

Charles Y
Staples Customer
May, 2016

The dust cloth is exactly what our office needed. we love them.

Staples Customer
March 2015

Very good deal for an absorbent microfiber cloth. I purchased them for the housekeeper so she would stop "borrowing" my bath towels to clean the house. She is happy. 🙂 These are amazing for dusting, or even for cleaning your glasses. I have two I use just to wash my car. They are very absorbent and I plan on buying another pack. UPDATE 3/20/14: I have been using these all the time, everyday. I would guess they have been through the laundry at least 6-10 times. They have all help up very well, much better then I had anticipated. I am buying another pack.

Dr. Oceanfront
Amazon - Top 500 Reviewer
November, 2013
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Show Ready

Get satisfaction from knowing everything is detailed and ready for show. Our 2-in-1 microfiber cloths are made for polishing and removing debris.

Buff and Polish

  • Plush and absorbent on one side
  • Textured polishing side for stuck on grime like road tar

Maintenance Request

A lot goes into making sure everything is working perfect. Our medium duty cloths are ideal for soaking up drips or removing grime and debris from surfaces.

Delicate Surfaces

  • Commercial quality cloths grip on a microscopic level
  • Can absorb oils and many times their weight in liquids

See why consumers search for the Shaxon brand for cleaning