Whatever you get dirty, count on us to help clean up.

I started using microfiber cloths in the late 90’s in my college dorm. Over the years I have tried various brands from Wal-Mart®, Home Depot®, Lowes®, and gas stations when traveling. Because of their properties, microfiber cloths can be used for so many more tasks than one would think.

One of the lesser known uses for microfiber cloth is in beauty. The tiny channels on the fibers grip on the microscopic level and increase absorbancy of a cloth. These fibers allow the cloths to pickup dead skin cells and remove makeup, oil, and sweat with ease. Pores are less likely to clog when dead skin cells and dirt are removed.

Nothing cleans a lens like a good microfiber cloth. If you wear glasses daily like myself, you know all too well about irritating smudges and dust in your field of vision. Trust me on this, keep a few microfiber cloths at work, in the car, and for when you travel. The same goes for mirrors and television screens. I have found that a bathroom mirror is super easy to clean when it is fogged up right after a hot shower. Seize the opportunity when it is fogged up and use a dry cloth to wipe the mirror for a streak free finish.

Another use for microfiber cloths that I have become fond of is cleaning fruits and veggies like apples, tomatoes, and peppers. A quick rinse under the faucet and a wipe with a cloth will remove a good bit of the food grade wax from the outer surface.

Let us know some uncommon and creative uses you have found for microfiber cloths.