Spring into cleaning

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Now is the time to be ready for spring cleaning and Shaxon is here to help with microfiber towels.

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes to  get a head start on the spring and summer seasons. With limited supplies of paper products, now is the time to switch to a more eco-friendly solution.

Reduce Clutter and Organize

Part of the spring cleaning regimen is getting rid of unnecessary clutter around the home. Now is the perfect time to get rid of items that you no longer need. Using a simple systematic approach to this process will allow you to be most productive. Generally I will go room by room and sort items into categories – storage, sell, give-away, and trash. Now is a great time to donate to good causes and cleaning will be much easier once clutter is gone.

Clean Room by Room

Even the most daunting tasks can be broken down to manageable pieces. The most effective way to deep clean your home is to take a room by room approach. A simple checklist can ensure that you are deep-cleaning the areas of your home that need it most. Our microfiber cloths pickup dust, dirt, and debris on the microscopic level and are safe on any surface.

Keep Cleaning Supplies to a Minimum

There are so many different cleaning products available for every room, surface, and task and it can be a bit overwhelming. Resist the urge to buy something for everything. Sometime an all-purpose cleaner and some good microfiber cloths are all that is needed to get the job done. Even homemade cleaners that you make can be easier on the environment while protecting your pocketbook.

Shaxon is here for you and well stocked at our warehouse in Anaheim, California.



I work on business development, web development, and project management here at Shaxon. My background in tech goes as far back as SIPP memory, Token Ring, and AppleTalk. Weekends with my community meme a lot to me.

About Us

We have families too and understand when a dollar needs to be stretched as far as a budget will allow. Our microfiber cloths are economically priced while having the quality to stand up to long term use. Shaxon is a family run small business and has been around for over two generations. Give us a shot and let us prove that you can rely on our family.

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